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Scott Rehmus

One Pull Solutions
Founder and President
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Scott is a strategic philanthropist who has made a career in developing practical solutions to complex problems. A passion for the oceans led him in to international conservation and then to dedicate himself to supporting coastal communities working to develop economies that maintain the health of the natural environment. He has deep, hands-on experience in making lasting change. Most notably, he spent 13 years building a sustainable future for the 19 million acre Great Bear Rainforest of coastal British Columbia, first working for the Packard Foundation and then co-leading two foundations that partnered with 27 First Nations to create both thriving communities and a thriving environment. He has been invited to share his experience at conferences as varied as International Funders for Indigenous Peoples, Social Enterprise World Forum, Environmental Grantmakers Association, Aboriginal Entrepreneurs, and Southeastern Family Office Forum, TNC’s Conservation Strategies and Global Leadership events.

Scott earned degrees in science and policy from Duke University and Yale's School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, focusing on coastal systems in North America and Honduras. He also serves on several non-profit, religious, and academic boards that work towards a more just and sustainable world.

As of the fall of 2014, Scott shifted to apply his knowledge and skills to overcoming the systemic problems that prevent people, families, and organizations from easily aligning their resources with their values. He and his wife have taken a learn-by-doing approach, which has included engaging with their extended family members who have deep roots in Atlanta and the San Francisco Bay Area.