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Izabela Przybysz

Institute of Public Affairs
Head of the Social Policy Programme
Warszawa, Polska

Izabela Przybysz is a senior analyst and Head of  the Social Policy Programme at the Institute of Public Affairs – a leading think tank in Poland. Her experience covers the field of social business and social policy in Poland and at the European level. She has participated  in numerous social and public policy projects as a researcher, analyst and manager. These projects were related to social inclusion,  building an NGO-friendly environment in Poland and social economy. After Poland’s accession to the European Union (took place in May 2004) she has been engaged in rebuilding social entrepreneurship in Poland. Currently she coordinates projects results of which will be incorporated to the public policy. At the same time she cooperates with Eastern partners by exchanging experiences in economization of the third sector and advocacy strategies related to that issues.

Izabela Przybysz is involved in the group of the European Commission’s experts on social entrepreneurship called “Groupe d’Experts de la Commission sur l’Entrepreneuriat Social” (GECES). As a representative of the Institute of Public Affairs she is creating a cross-border fund under the label of  the European Social Entrepreneurship Funds regulation.

Working at the European level has given her opportunity to work with representatives of other Member States, local authorities, social entrepreneurs' organizations, the banking and finance sector and the academic and university sector.

She graduated from the Institute of Sociology and Pedagogical Laboratory in the Centre for Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities at the University of Warsaw.