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Jocelyne Daw

Trico Charitable Foundation
Board Member
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Jocelyne is a pioneer and leading expert in creating powerful community-business partnerships and the integration of branding, corporate citizenship and social purpose into organization strategy and culture. As an internationally published author, speaker and consultant she is committed to strengthening knowledge and professionalism in these growing fields. Her work uses the principles outlined in her books Cause Marketing: Partner for Purpose, Passion and Profits and Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding:The Seven Principles to Power Extraordinary Results.

Jocelyne has over 25 years of leadership experience working with businesses, foundations and nonprofit organizations. Most recently as Vice President, Corporate and Community Engagement at Imagine Canada she headed up the Caring Company program, the largest corporate citizenship initiative in Canada. She has developed, managed and communicated dozens of innovative cause partnerships that delivered mutually beneficial solutions for society and business. Jocelyne believes that business is a dynamic part of the communities they serve.

Jocelyne is an internationally published author and speaker in the burgeoning and evolving field of social purpose branding and social impact. As an observer and practitioner of next generation community engagement thinking, she detects a shifting trend. Today, people are not just asking, “What am I supporting/donating to” but “What am I buying into”. Brands that win will differentiate themselves with more authentic, clear positions; tangible social impact and more engaging experiences will foster deeper, more meaningful support and participation.

As President of JS Daw & Associates, Jocelyne leads a practice that guides corporate and nonprofits in creating innovative social purpose brands that engage and inspire today’s increasingly socially conscious and active citizen. Based on her research, writing and direct experience she specializing in developing programs and experiences that help clients stand out, build relationships, inspire action and power significant social impact.

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